Dealing With Temptation In A Christlike Manner

Temptation is a very serious issue that we have to confront persistently in our walk with the Lord. Nobody is above temptation. It’s the very means through which the enemy tries to make an inroad into our lives in order to pull us away from God. The way that Satan operates is that he isn’t going to come forcefully in order to drag us into something contrary to what God wants us to do.

However, we can be quite sure that in all his guile, he’ll use a much more subtle approach in order to entice us into sin. Therefore, we have to be very mindful of his schemes. The fundamental of temptation is laid upon Satan influencing us to consider doing or indulging in something that’s completely detestable and unacceptable in the sight of God as something that’s okay or normal. 

His foremost objective is to shift our focus away from the true way we should view temptation which is from a biblical perspective in a humanistic perspective. What do I mean by that? If we can look at temptation from a biblical perspective, we’ll know right away that what we’re tempted of doesn’t fit who we are in Christ.

As a result, we’ll be more likely not to engage in anything that can bring reproach to the name of Christ. On the other hand, if we miss the overall picture of the true nature of temptation by simply viewing it in a humanistic fashion, we’ll find ourselves coming up with various types of excuses in order to give in.

Satan Tries To Exploit Our Weaknesses

By the way, the enemy knows fairly our own weaknesses. That’s the main reason why he’s not going to waste his time trying to tempt us into an area where we’re not temptable. He’ll tempt us in the very areas we are weak in; in other words, the very areas we usually fall into sin.

However, the problem is that many times we’re so deceived and caught up by a particular temptation; therefore, in our desperate attempt to do something in order to relieve the intense pressure being exerted upon us by our flesh, we willingly forfeit our own identity in Christ just to meet momentary urges that come and go.

We act in such a manner just as though the enemy has our remote control. Oftentimes, it’s way after we’ve indulged into something sinful, we’ve come to the realization of how serious and wicked what we’ve committed is to God as a result of the massive guilt and remorse we experience subsequently. The best way to deal with temptation is by confronting it right away. After all, Christ has provided us a clear approach that we can use in order to confront temptation.

Let’s Try to Replicate What Christ Had Done When Tempted by Satan

Let’s take a look at this following scripture:

The tempter came to Him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:3-4).

Jesus, who is known as the Captain of our salvation, defeated the greatest enemies the world has ever seen, death and Satan. As a result, it’s worthwhile to consider getting vital instructions regarding tackling a serious issue from the greatest and most powerful military leader the world has ever seen or heard of.

According to the gospel’s accounts, Christ was tempted a total of 3 times by Satan in the wilderness. Interestingly, we can see that Christ didn’t give any of these temptations a serious consideration by His quick responses. He uses the word of God in order to respond to Satan on every of these occasions.

The thing is that Christ came with a critical mission that was based solely on doing the will of God in order to save humanity from sin (John 6:38). His way of thinking was centered only upon pleasing God along with bringing Him glory and honor in everything He does (John 8:50).

That was the top priority of His earthly ministries. Shockingly, this very event that occurred between both Christ and the devil had the potential to destroy all humanity because had Christ succumbed to any of these temptations, He would have no longer been able to be the spotless and unblemished lamb of God.

Obedience to God Must Supersede Giving Into Temptation

Christ knew that His responsibility to remain obedient to the Father by keeping His Word was infinitely more important than what Satan was trying to offer Him. It’s quite interesting that the devil is offering the great Creator the nations of the world while he’s never created anything during his entire existence.

The thing is that Christ is no longer there wrestling with the enemy in the flesh, but we’ve become His representatives on this earth. We’re still fighting against that same enemy on a regular basis. The same responsibility that Christ had to remain obedient to God applies to us equally. Keep in mind, just as God wants to be glorified through us, so is the devil. His goal is to rob the glory and honor that are due to God alone by influencing to do evil.

We have to allow the Holy Spirit to empower us to develop Christ’s mindset with respect to dealing with temptation. It means that the truth of Scripture must saturate and dominate every aspect of our lives. Our minds have to be programmed on living in such a way that honors God’s holy Word.

The problem is that we fall into temptation by willfully ignoring what the Word of God says so that we can do what we’re tempted about. Therefore, it works the other way around, if we want to resist temptation, we must allow the Word of God to settle firmly into our minds.

Although temptation is not a sin by itself, but when we’re tempted we should realize firsthand that temptation is there to lead us to sin. Lastly, we’re responsible for making sure that we deal with sin wisely, so that we can live for Christ alone.

Dealing With Temptation In A Christlike Manner

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