Living For Christ Must Be Our Top Priority

When humbly considering the excruciatingly painful sacrifice that Jesus has made for us on the cross, one thing that should truly captivate our own appreciation relates to the reality that He didn’t do so with the intent of giving us a free pass so that we could continue to lead the same type of sinful lives that we used to lead prior to being saved.

Therefore, the foundation of our salvation is rested wholly on God going to the extreme in order to pull us out of the detrimental condition we used to live in, which penalty was spiritual death by granting us eternal life through Christ. The big problem was with our sinfulness to God that had both alienated and separated us from Him by creating such a loathsome environment in our lives where our only desires were fixated on practicing repeatedly the things that God hates to the core.

For this reason, the death of Jesus really underlines how serious and severe our sins committed against God were. Fortunately, Christ’s death has created a pathway that enabled us to come out of the unacceptable condition that we’d been by transitioning us into God’s glorious Kingdom.

Moreover, we had an eternal debt that we could have never paid off due to the fact that our sins were committed against an eternal God. The severity of that debt correlated with the nature of whom we owed it to. Meaning that God is eternal, so was that debt. Therefore, paying that debt off in such a way that would satisfy God’s justice would require it to be done through an eternal means, which we didn’t have. Thereby, Christ came and gave His life for us for the purpose of paying that debt for us in full, so that we could be free from sin. It’s something that we have to lay a strong hold on it because we’re no longer a slave of sin and Satan.

God Want us To Surrender Ourselves to Him

As a result, the things that God truly wants from us in response to what He has accomplished on behalf of us through Christ is for us to offer ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice based on the account of (Romans 12:1). Our obedience must be propelled by our sincere gratitude based on what Christ has done for us.

We have to show the Lord that His death on the cross was not in vain by our willingness to live the type of life He desires for us to live for God’s glory. Upon examining the 4 gospel books, it’s quite easy to realize that Jesus was sent by the Father with a clear mission and goal. As our model, He has shown us how we should live for God through complete surrender to His authority, even in the midst of challenging times. 

Christ’s main objective during His earthly ministry was to please and glorify the Father. Bear in mind, according to scripture we’re commanded to glorify God with our own body; in other words, by how we live (1 Corinthians 6:20). After being saved, we’re responsible to bring glory and honor to God since we’re His image bearer in this world. Which means that when people look at our lives based on how we behave, they should be able to see God’s goodness, love, compassion, and kindness reflected through us.

Our Savior and Lord Christ Jesus is no longer on this earth physically. He’s chosen us to become His ambassador on this earth instead (2 Corinthians 5:20). That’s the primary reason it’s so significant that we ensure that our lives reflect the person whom we represent.

Nobody can live the type of life that Christ lived due to the fact that He was perfect and sinless, whereas we’re wretched sinners. Nevertheless, if we choose to submit ourselves fully to His lordship and authority by the power of the Holy Spirit, we’ll be able to meet God’s holiness and righteousness standard.

We’ve become holy and acceptable before God Almighty through Christ Jesus. He did so by transferring His righteousness to us by taking care of our own unrighteousness. Living for Christ is all about what He’s done for us on the cross, and what He’s willing to bring forth into our lives on the basis of His sacrificial death.

Living For Christ Must Be Our Top Priority

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